Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mini Paintings

Defiantly Facing - Canadian Stallion (Trooper) defiantly faces the winds.
ACEO Acrylic on Terraskin.
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ACEO's are collectible, tradable miniature pieces of art that usually measure 2.5" x 3.5". They are a very affordable way to collect a favorite artist's works. Originally the trading was reserved to only artist (amongst themselves) but it kinda took off and now there is a whole market of "miniature" art. I usually do a few here and there. I use everything from canvas paper, water color paper to actual stretched canvas! I often to graphite and ink drawings, but I have found that this "Terraskin" product allows me to paint with acrylic washes without worrying about the paper warping. I am very impressed with this product and its very affordable!

Into the Wild Blue - Trooper was my model again for this one.
Acrylic on Terraskin
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This is one of my favorites. I love playing with lights and darks in contrast. Then I add some cool effects where the two collide.

Another Trooper - this one doesn't belong...but I know my nephews will like it!
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I have wanted to do some Star Wars characters; this the first of many more to come...

Trooper II - Acrylic on Terraskin
Canadian Horse
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 The above painting was inspired by a photo I took of our past Canadian Stallion, Trooper.


"We are moved by art, because the beauty of art reflects a Devine aesthetic placed deep within all of us, sinners and saints alike". Manuel Luz

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