Monday, October 24, 2011

Vegetables of a different color

Transition of a painting in progress;

Transcendent Stains - 16" x 20" x 1.5" Oil painting on Cradled Birchwood panel. Sides are painted black, comes ready to hang on your wall!
I wanted to do a painting including something from the "Fall" season, but I didn't want to do just another "Still Life" painting. I had this photo of two squash that I wanted to paint. Around  the same time I was contemplating the two different colors; contrast, tension that is often felt when someone is racist, intolerant and prejudice of others for what ever reason.

In my previous career in law enforcement, I came across this mentality (way of thinking) more than I care to remember within the criminal element I dealt with. Sometimes I felt that I was able to get through to them. I would explain to them about how we are all the same inside and made of the same materials. We all have more things in common than differences; especially physical ones. No matter how hard they tried to argue their way around the facts, they could not rub out the truth. The stains of truth were left and I can only hope that it was the beginning of a new outlook on life for them. At least I made them think if even just for a moment. You can't erase the truth. You can't change people, but you can offer alternatives that they can choose. You might be able to hide the truth for a while, but it always comes out in the end.

Anyways, that is how I came up with this painting. It might say something different for you and that's okay too!

Quote of the Day:

"Outdoors is where the great mystery lies, so going into nature should going to church".(Skip Whitcomb)

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