Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When your fenced in...

Fenced In - 24" x 36" Oil paint on stretched canvas, sides painted black. Canadian Horse stallion - Trooper II.

This one isn't finished yet, but I am guessing that 2 or 3 more sessions should do it. This one has to be done by November 18th for the St Thomas Elgin Art Guild Show at the Train Station. It will be on all weekend with lots of various local artists showing off their best!

I went through several possible titles for this piece and ended up with "Fenced In".

This is our friend and trainer's Canadian Horse Stallion and half brother to our Trooper (we just sold).
Our friend actually liked training our Trooper so much he named his stallion the same name! So actually this is "Trooper 2"!

Below is the poster for the upcoming Art Show!

I will be posting several of my submissions for this show over the next few weeks. So watch for the "sneak previews"!

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