Wednesday, November 16, 2011

White Horses

On the easel - Misha, a Lipizzan Stallion, is the model for this one.
My favorite color of horse when I was a child was 'gray'. I didn't find out that 'gray' is actually not a color until Art School!

This one I drew out in great detail because I felt inspired to use the acrylics again. I will next start adding watery thin layers of acrylic paint or stains to gently build colour, incorporating the graphite drawing.

Misha, the model, is the sire to 3 of our own horses. We have his 2 year old son, and future stallion, Prince Caspian. Lipizzans start out bay when they are born then change to gray, then to white around 8 years of age. Prince is a steel gray still. We are so happy with his progress, watching him as he grows into the magnificent white stallion.

I am busy preparing for the big Art Show and Sale this weekend with the St Thomas-Elgin Artist Guild so no new paintings til the show is done!

Quote of the Day;

"For a gallant spirit there can never be defeat".

Wallis Simpson

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