Friday, December 16, 2011

Blue Horses

Into the Wild Blue - ACEO Acrylic on Terraskin. SOLD

I have been frantically preparing home made Christmas gifts this past week, to send off to family out west and I am happy to say the parcels are off! The lady at the Canada Post Office heard my great sigh of relief and must have clearly saw it in my face too, because she smiled 'knowingly' at me like she knew the weight that had been just lifted from my shoulders! I literally was walking on air as I left the building! And I was able to sleep through the night last night!

Anyways, as I was going through my digital files on my computer, and looking at all the paintings I have done over the past 4-5 years, I started to see some trends. I could see "Blue periods" and "Red periods" and "Yellow periods". I thought...okay, those are the primary colors. I find it fascinating that I could see these definite trends in my art over the years! I don't know what it means if anything, but I do know that I learned more about those colors by doing that! And this from an artist that was afraid of colour when she started painting!

The painting posted above turned out pretty good, I thought, and it just sold to an art collector in Florida.

I came across the following quote today on a landscape painter's site. It describes what I feel when I paint outdoors too. There is a 'vitality' in the air. Maybe its just the wind blowing through your hair or that you have to paint faster than you normally do before the wind blows your easel now I think I will try to open the windows of my studio when I paint (maybe not in the winter months) to try to recapture that 'fresh vitality' one experiences when painting out in nature! Either that or just paint out doors more often.
Til next time...

Quote of the Day;

"Working outdoors puts you in direct contact with the life force, not just the light and the landscape, but also the vitality of the world." (George Carlson

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