Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finding Your Artist Within You

Yes. Even you are an artist. I mean, "you"!

The one that keeps telling me you can only draw stick men!

Do you really think you are the only one, in the whole wide world that was never granted that creative part of your soul?!

Yes, you are a creation and yes you can create.

And here is the plus. Its good for you to create. Its good for your soul, spirit, inner being...

Think about it for a moment. Everything ever created in this world was not all created by gifted artists! At  least not gifted in the sense that they were some sort of protege or genius but gifted as in being born with an imagination.

Do your remember? Try hard if you really have to and think back to kindergarten and your only task given you in that school day was to create something beautiful for your mother on Mother's Day. You know what I'm talking about. The wonderful work of art you created of which your mother still pulls out now and again and holds close to her heart with warm, fuzzy thoughts and feelings...the one she brings out on impromptu occasions just to embarrass you!

What I am trying to convey here is that we are all creators. Its in our DNA. Some more than others, yes, but some of us just loose touch with that part of us as we "grow up" (according to world standards) and head off to our respective careers.

And I am not just talking about crayons and finger paint here. I am talking musicians, architechs, scientists, potters, glass blowers and hat makers. Builders, entrepreneurs, engineers, manufacturers, farmers and even actors! How do those building get constructed, bridges get designed and who figures out the "how" in how to build them. They don't just appear out of thin air! And those catchy tunes on the radio. When I was a kid, I was going to be a song writer. Didn't everyone compose their own songs at 7 years of age?!

Okay, I feel better getting that out. Its been bugging me for a long while.

Art is not only good for one's soul, but it is part of it, moves it, speaks to it and engages it. I believe it even gives us a glimpse of the eternal.

Here is a piece I recently finished;

"Fire In The Sky" -  Acrylic Mixed Media on 8" x 10" Canvas Board. Finished with a high gloss varnish (after photographed). Signed front and back.

I designed this one in my head while trying to get to sleep the other night. I had this Crackle paint I just bought and wanted to try and it seemed like a good idea for this painting! First try did not succeed as I did not use enough of it (not thick enough).

I like this finished piece though.

I used my new iridescence copper paint which really looks awesome under the light-colored ashes at the base of the tree stump.

I am always inspired by trees. I love the winding roots of a tree. They become intertwined sometimes. Their search for the living water creates intricate patterns in their growth.

The night I designed this one, I also designed 2 others. I now keep a sketch pad on my nightstand so I don't forget what I was inspired to paint in the middle of the night!

Detail of above painting, showing the crackled paint layer on top of the shiny copper.

The iridescence doesn't really show up well in the photographs as it is a small piece. I do plan on doing something a bit larger in the near future.

"Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Luke 18:16