Thursday, December 8, 2011

Learning to Dance

Those who perceive in themselves... the artistic vocation as poet, writer, sculptor, painter, musician, and actor feel at the same time an obligation not to waste this talent but to develop it, in order to put it to service of their neighbour and the humanity as a whole. (Pope John Paul II) [1]
The Wild Within - 21" x 24" x 1.5" Mixed media on stretched canvas. Currently in the Art Gallery of Lambeth, London, Ontario, Canada until January 30th, 2012.

Lately I have been seeking a path for my artwork to take. There is an immense number of directions to go. Maybe this is another 'crossroads' for me and its time to choose my next direction. Deep down, I know what the right choice is, but there are so many distractions!

 I have a belief that my art, my drawing and painting, is a collaboration between me and God. Together, we effect the world with our creations. I do not take this time of decision lightly. I can feel that He is calling me in one direction, but the world thinks I should go in a completely different direction. Being me, I have been trying to figure out a way to merge the two. Ever since I have been trying to figure out a way to combine the two subjects, I have been feeling like I am on 'pause' and 'stauled'. Not moving forward. I have not been able to figure out a way to do both and focus. In this, I have discovered the answer; I have to make a choice. And, as I mentioned, I do know the answer. As the popular encouraging phrase suggests...I need to - Just do it!

I guess that I am still learning how to Dance with The Spirit and letting Him lead!

West Wind News

I have now listed a few paintings on the DPW(Daily Paint Works) Auction site!

Here is the link. 

My painting, "Renaissance Woman II" has been chosen for their 'DPW Picks' at the top of the page!

And don't forget to check out my Gallery at DPW!

[1] Thoughts on above quote;

This just blows me away! I did not realize that Pope John Paul II was interested in art history. (I have found a few of his quotes on an artist quotes site!)

 I actually met and was personally blessed by this 'man of the cloth' in Vatican City, Rome when I was only 19 years old! I am not Catholic, which makes the story all the more amazing.

I actually had no  interest in being blessed by the Pope that day. I just wanted to go shopping at the market and was trying to get to my Professor ,in the crowd of thousands, to ask him where and when the bus was going to pick us up later that afternoon! (I was a student in a travelling Art History and English Lit class living and studying in Europe at the time). I knew that my Profs and a few other students had stayed behind after the Sunday service in Vatican Square to watch the Pope get his picture taken with the Harlem Globe Trotters (they were also special guests of the Vatican that day). And no...I 'm not making any of this up! If there is one sure thing in life, besides death and taxes, it is that real life is weirder than anything we could ever imagine...

 I pushed  and pried through the crowd, unabashedly, and finally stood before my Art History Professor, who just looked at me and smiled funny at me and said, "turn around Jackie" and motioned behind me. I turned just in time to have the Pope extend his hand towards me. He smiled warmly and took my hand and bowed his head slightly. I felt obligated to do the same back; a slight nod and he moved on to the next person beside me. I have to say I was a bit stunned. I was mostly struck by the feeling that I had when he took my hand. He seemed very sincere and acknowledged you personally.  I most certainly believe he was a holy man. I didn't have time to 'create' an experience or feeling of my own right then. It all happened to fast. Plus...I'm not Catholic and although I was a believer at the time, I was too immature to realize the significance of this man to the world (millions of Catholics would probably want to be me at that moment). I did not realize this until I was relating the story to a friend and her Catholic family. They looked at me with complete astonishment and disbelief! Then it started to sink in that not only was it a miracle the way it all transpired, but that it happened period!

I then stayed around, watching the Pope get his picture taken with the Globe Trotters and they were trying to teach him to spin the basketball on the end of his was cute.

Oddly enough, Pope John Paul II died the day I took possession of my first house I bought. I remember going to pick up my new fridge at Sears and all the televisions in the store were all tuned to the "breaking news" that the Pope had just died. It was a bitter-sweet day for me. One of those moments when you feel you are heading in a new direction, when you are leaving one place and moving on to another in your life.