Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Canadian Horse Breed

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Royal Reign's Run - Prints available different sizes and color or black and white.

I submitted the above photo of my Canadian Filly, Royal Reign, when a  call went out to different horse breed organizations for photos of horses best depicting that breed. I captured this shot one morning when I was exercising my Canadian Horses in their pasture. I simply would stay near the centre of the enclosed area and using a whip or a lead shank I would encourage them to run around from one direction to the other. They were used to the morning runs on my days off work and seemed to enjoy it. Once the young ones realized I was not going to chase them, they would start coming in closer and closer and it became a game of who can get close and get away the fastest. Their mom, Grace, knew better and that it meant expending too much energy on her part, so would just lope around at an even pace and sometimes she would stop and do a rear then a buck and take off again. One morning I brought my new camera (Nikon D80) and managed to capture this shot as I panned her running by me.
The sad part is that we lost Reign about 6 months after this photo was taken to a really bad bout of sand colic. The vet tried emergency surgery, but she was too impacted and had to be euthanized. I cried for days.
It was not until I moved to Ontario, the next year, that I remember submitting this photo of her running full out in the morning light.
I found the name of the editor, Michael Dregni, and he directed me to the author, Fran Lynghaug, and that is when I found out my photo of Reign had been chosen for the horse breed book!
I call this her tribute.  Her life, as short as it was, left a legacy for her breed. Reign's Run.
The book can be ordered through
The title is The Official Horse Breeds Standards Guide, The Complete Guide to the Standards of All North American Equine Breed Associations, by Fran Lynghaug
The dedication in the first pages reads;
"To the Maker of all horses, Who enjoys them tremendously and will come at the end of the ages, mounted on His horse. It was by His grace that this book was inspired and accomplished".

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