Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Big Five Oh!

Cowgirl Saddle - 16" x 20" acrylic on artist board, gloss varnish.
With frame- $450
Without frame- $390
S & H included
Contact me to purchase.

No...I'm not turning 50! And even if I was do you think I would announce it on the world wide web???

Why 50 then, you ask?

Its just my 50th blog post!

My blogger stats state that I had 30 visitors to my blog just yesterday! Wow!
And I just snagged another follower in the process... up to 17 (yes, including myself and there is method to my madness; that means every post is automatically forwarded to my email, so I can then forward to anyone on my email list from there...I know...genius right?). ; ) Actually...truth be known, I accidentally stumbled upon this when setting up that widget.

More sneak peeks into my sketch book;

Sketching out ideas in my sketch book...
the writing on the left are notes from one of the online
 'webinars' I have taken on painting landscapes.

On a mission. I have been inspired to paint a series of works that I hope will bring awareness of the world food shortage. This is something the Lord has put in my heart and it has slowly developed over the past year from being one or two big paintings to a series of smaller paintings to tell the story (a narrative) and to just bring it to the public's attention. I know its happening, yet we see nothing in the news about it, nor do I see a collective effort by anyone to tackle this issue. Governments of the world are more worried about energy sources than feeding the people. I don't want this project to be about bashing world powers, but to bring awareness and hope for the future.