Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why Mona Lisa?

Our Gallery at home.

I was thinking, today, about the famous painting; the Mona Lisa by one of my all time favorite artists, Leonardo Da Vinci. I came around to thinking about his particular painting as I was remembering how many great paintings I had seen while living in Paris, France back in the mid 80's. I visited Louvre several times, sometimes staying for hours at a time, looking at these huge (and I mean huge) oil paintings on the walls. I was young at the time, just out of high school. Although I was keen to learn about Art History, I was still very naive and just a 'small-town girl' who did not understand what it was I was looking at (at a deeper level). I did, however, understand it on a level beyond most girls my age. It was what I was interested in and learning it was easier than most other things (namely algebra).

But I do have one small regret. I never did get a good look at this 'Mona Lisa' painting. This painting is in a room, off the main great hall in the Louvre and this room was always packed with people (like sardines) and since I have never been good with large crowds, I decided it was enough to be able to just catch a glimpse of it on the wall. I remember thinking to myself; what is the big deal anyways? It is so small, and what are all these people hoping to see in viewing the 'original' painting? I mean, we are talking about one of the most reproduced paintings of all time! I am sure they sold cheap poster prints of it in the gallery shop if you really wanted to see it that badly! But...I can say that it was in fact there...I did see it briefly, from afar, and that seemed to satisfy my curiosity at the time. I just could not see what all the fuss was about in seeing "the real thing"!

Jump forward 25 + years and here I am, thinking to myself, with all my rekindled fire in art, I was so close! Why oh why did I not take an extra 20 minutes to get in line and get up close to that particular painting? Now that I understand more about what it represented and my appreciation of the artist himself has grown over the years, I really must admit, I am a bit disappointed in my 18 year old self!

Lesson; do take the time to notice the small things in life. There are great things in small packages. Don't live your life with regrets because you didn't take action! Make that extra effort, take that extra time and have a closer look at those little gems!

Mona Lisa - by Leonardo Da Vinci

To read up on this little gem; click on the link here.

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