Saturday, August 18, 2012

Speaking with Paint

Cruising along the 401 in SW Ontario, I saw this tree off in the distance...quickly snapped a
couple photos of it as it whizzed by (why I always have my camera on my lap while in the passenger
seat). Its shape caught my eye. The sun was coming up in the east, causing this silhouette effect.
Ode to the tree? Any help with a title would be much appreciated! Still working on it (WIP).

I have been contemplating deep subjects lately. Well...maybe I always am doing this, but just wanted to share some things I have learned and just share some things about artists.

We like to share. Artists are speaking to you through their art. Some are loud and obnoxious while others are whispering in our ears. I prefer whispering myself, but a 'wake up call', although disturbing, is necessary sometimes. Sometimes we fall asleep. Our lives are hectic after all and we get weary. But we are not to fall asleep at our post.

The Red Ghost - almost done! Apparently we might keep this one...Mike
likes it too much.

Paintings usually have a story to tell you. Sometimes the story is not all that clear or important to us and the work is perceived as boring and unimportant. Other times it can change our lives or encourage us to step up to the plate, take action. Other artworks have a soft peaceful message; rest here a while, put your feet up and contemplate. The list goes on and on and on...
My point is that we all respond to music, paintings, sculpture and writings in slightly different ways. For as many variations of people there are, there are ways to communicate thoughts and feelings. I like to notice the similarities that bring us closer to one another, and the differences that hold us apart from each other and create that original individual.

So next time you gaze upon a painting in a gallery, or read a new novel or listen to a latest "hit" on the radio, I challenge you to think about what the artist is trying to say, to convey to you beyond the obvious (if it is not so).

The interesting thing you will find is that what one hears, is often not what was intended by the artist. There is something else there that speaks, or maybe is born out of a conversation your  having with the message you are receiving. I don't know the answer. Just some deep thoughts....what are yours? I'm interested to know. Or am I revealing my individuality?

Quote of the Day;

 "If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite". William Blake

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