Saturday, January 7, 2012


"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love".

Marcus Aurelius

Okay, I am back! Its not like I have been too busy to write or paint...just not feeling like it. I keep procrastinating and giving the excuse that I have not finished any new paintings, so how can I write a post for my blog without a painting? Oh yes I can!

So much has happened since December 16th;

 sold and delivered two of our 'home raised, full sister' horses to a wonderful family,

 managed to make 90% of all the Christmas gifts we gave this year, including all the Christmas cards (save a couple) and this,

all before having surgery two days before Christmas, surgery on my neck finally...removed an 'extra large- sized' tumor/cyst from my neck/shoulder successfully,

Christmas with the Kinsey family,

then have spent the last two weeks fighting with a very tender shoulder - (the tumour started next to my C-spine vertibrae, so they had to dig all the way back there from the very top of my shoulder)...
I explain it like this...imagine someone is scraping the 'pokey side' of a velcro strip on your skin and that gets pretty close to how it feels on the back of my neck and shoulder!

The extra pain meds really take the energy out of me, so I have been watching Oprah and online 'boxing week' shopping  (purchased Corel Paintshop Prox4), organizing files on my computer etc etc and trying to sleep when I can because I sure can't sleep comfortably at night!

BUT... today is a new day and I actually made a "To Do" list with painting at the top of it (but I'm doing this blog first instead) and I do have a painting almost finished, so I should be able to finish it today!

I find that having the right attitude when approaching my artwork is very important. Its about finding that place of hope in you that reminds you of how much you love to create and then to get about doing it. Then share it with the world and believe that others with see the hope in the finished piece.

My husband has been an angel, my only complaint being that he kept the kitchen cleaner than I do! Now that I am back at being the main cook, its already looking 'used'.

Now onto some interesting stuff to pass along to you;

Here is a link to some cool new camera experiment at MIT that other artists might find interesting because it deals with light effects - VIDEO 1. And a second video explaining the camera set up VIDEO 2.

Which led me to the idea to post some of my newly edited photography for you today...

Belgian Giants - Order your prints from Fine Art America online for best quality large prints on specialty paper and canvas. They offer a framing service too! Click here to visit my FAA Store

Wild Ride - contact me via email if you see any photograph or print you wish to purchase and I will make it possible and easiest for you.

Copper Water - I loved the colours in the water and how the light penetrates the surface to create these cool ripple patterns in this photo. You can see the cracks in the giant slab of rock below the surface of the water. I just find so many interesting effects of light in this particular photograph. Wouldn't this look cool on the wall of a contemporary holiday home?
I plan on doing some sharing on my blog of other artists that I find online, that really appeal to me, in future posts! I really believe in sharing art with the world...not just my own! So stay tuned!