Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mystery Horse Painting Revealed

Okay...I might as well tell you, the mystery horse's name is...


Hickstead was a Canadian and world champion jumping horse from Canada (click on the link to read the story of Hickstead and Eric) who recently died suddenly and tragically just after competing in a World Class event over in Europe (I think it was Europe). His rider was Eric Lamaze and this team of horse and rider were at the top of the world standings in horse jumping. In fact they had been in the top positions for a few years now. So it is really a tragedy that he died, but he died doing what he loved to do. This is a tribute to the partnership these team mates had.

I took a photo of them at Canada's International Show Jumping ring at Spruce Meadows, Calgary, Alberta in July of 2008. They not only won this event but went on to win Gold at the Olympics that year (I think it was Beijing, China).

When these two made their rounds of the course, Hickstead and Eric were like a jumping machine. This stallion rarely touched a rail and Eric is one of the most focused and talented riders I have ever seen.

This painting depicts Eric and Hickstead only seconds before beginning to jump a course. I thought it really captured the intensity as they both gathered themselves and prepared for the task at hand. To me they almost looked like warriors preparing to do battle on the battlefield.

I am calling this one 'Collaboration' because I believe that this was the true essence of their partnership and how they succeeded were others failed.

Once completed, I will be showcasing this oil painting at the Can AM Equine Event this weekend at the Western Fair Grounds in London, Ontario. This is touted at being the largest equine event in Canada and they are trying to attract some artists to show and sell their work in the Lobby area. Click on the link to find out more about this huge horse show which includes breed events where many breeds of horses are given the chance to race against each other in speed and skill events! There are health and training clinics, a huge number of vendors, truck, trailer and tractor sales...I am getting very excited!

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