Friday, May 4, 2012

Why Invest in Original Art?

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The most obvious reason to invest in art should be enjoyment: do you like the work?

Beyond enjoyment, there is the consideration of making a wise investment. By definition, an investment should have the capacity to appreciate in value.

Compare a bare wall with one that features, carefully chosen and correctly hung original fine art, and you quickly realize that art can bring your home to life!

How to begin to collect art can be least it seems so at first. Let me help you with that...start with one.

Go on a search; a quest for your first piece.

Firstly, you need to know where to look. are beginning your search at one of the best times in world history; to not only be able to find original art easily, but to have the opportunity to purchase directly from the artist!

We are no longer kept outside of the artist's studio by the gallery owners (gate keepers), but can find a limitless amount of access to art on the world wide web!

Yes. I hear your trepidation. Internet = scams, illegitimate, scary!

Yes, you do have to know where to look and do your homework about the source and the artist advertising online, but I must tell you...this is the way of the future, whether you like it or not and the Internet offers opportunities never before available to us common folk, when it comes to collecting art!

Did I mention affordability? Did you know that 'Art Galleries' charge up to 60% mark up on the works they sell in their galleries? Yes there is definitely some great benefits to buying art from a gallery; they only sell art that is collectible and selling, they often offer instant framing of your investment, and there is a certain amount of security in your investment.

But if you a) don't have money to burn and b) want access to thousands more choices of artists and their art. and c) you are more concerned about whether you actually love the piece..the Internet might be your better choice.

So....where do you start?

I will continue this series on buying art online by taking you through a journey with me...'pretending' to buy a piece and what I would do if I were just starting out to collect.

We will peel back the layers and see what we can see; to see what it is that art can bring to our lives.

BTW...I have started collecting some small pieces through Ebay and local artists here in South Western Ontario (local art shows, fairs).

Watch for my next blog on finding your first art piece online.





"In my art I have tried to explain to myself life and its meaning. I have also tried to help others to clarify their lives".

Edvard Munch