Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Stereotypical Artist

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Okay...I just read a blog post from Carol Henderson, who often writes for "Fine Art Views", a newsletter I subscribe to. She writes about how artists are perceived in society (and in movies/tv) compared to what she has discovered herself over the years. I really like their newsletter and find their writers to be up on what's going on in the big picture of the art world and tips on selling art online, shows, galleries etc. Lots of good information and the ability to discuss and interact with other artists around the world.

So, back to today's blog post; here is the excerpt and link if you wish to read the entire post. I find Carol to be quite articulate (often more than I) and she backs her words up with her own research.


The Tough, Sensitive Artist

by Carolyn Henderson

It’s an odd stereotype we propound – this tenderly sensitive, fragile, batty creature who produces ugly art others swoon over, and while myth is often grounded in truth, it’s time we tore off our berets, crumpled up the smocks, and realized that, while artists are different, they’re not necessarily weird. [...]

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I know this is not about buying art online...like I promised, but with the time restraints I am under right now...Carol has stepped in to help me out! What she has to say about what it takes to be a 'real' artist pretty much sums it up. It is what I have also experienced over the past few years both in local art groups and online art groups.

I promise... next post will be about where to look for art online.