Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Storms

Against the Storms - Work in progress - aged, weathered barn with stormy skies looming above.

Well its been quite the summer for some people, so far, hasn't it?! From flooding to drought and from fires to mudslides...our planet is experiencing some sort of polarization of temperatures and weather systems not seen for hundreds of years!

This area where we live needs rain desperately or many crops will be lost and this only adds to the loss of the apple crops this spring to  a late frost. We finally got a sprinkle of rain last night, along with a summer thunder storm...but too little too late in the way of moisture. Our lawn is burnt to a crisp and now we are wondering if our well will hold out much longer. I am only watering my vegetable garden now. We also have livestock to water, but we are fortunate that even if the well goes dry, we can water them at the crick alongside our property. We pray it won't come to that.

Other parts of the world are experiencing too much water and having to deal with those consequences.

Maybe the above inspired drawing came from somewhere in my subconscious self...somehow knowing about the coming storms in and of life and having to endure them. I started this one a couple of weeks ago.

I have several cupboard doors given to me to paint; left over from my husbands cabinet company he had years ago. He scrounged around in his wood shop and found them for me to paint on. I like them because they have a smooth surface to start with and a built in frame around the edges! But, alas, I was recently inspired by fresco paintings and took some molding paste to the smooth boards to create some texture. Oh well!

Then I learned that charcoal is one of the most archival materials out there, so I grabbed a piece from my storage drawer and started drawing an old barn (from one of my reference photos) that is actually just east of here. This particular barn has always attracted me because you can see right through it from front to back, from the road, because it has two big doors on either side, that are now permanently open. You can see right through the barn as you drive by.

Then I found a photo I had taken of a stormy sky (actually there were small tornadoes forming above our home, high up, that afternoon, so I grabbed my camera and took some cool shots looking straight up too), looking south/east from our house. The clouds were such a dark gray and swirling above my head, but if you looked south/east, you could see the edge of this dark cloud system and there were thin layers of white clouds way off in the distance, towards Lake Erie.

It was one of those most awesome moments when you witness and can feel the power of nature at work; like a storm could let lose any moment and pummel you to your knees. The air was being sucked upwards and debris was floating up into the dark sky! It was one of those moments you never forget. You realize just how small and insignificant you really are in comparison to the earth and its atmosphere.

Anyways, I drew in this dark foreboding sky as the background to the barn. It is turning out to look really neat and I have not even added paint yet!

Quote of the Day;

Nature is so powerful, so strong. Capturing its essence is not easy - your work becomes a dance with light and the weather. It takes you to a place within yourself.
Annie Leibovitz